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Avocent, a business of Vertiv, is an information-technology products manufacturer headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama. Avocent formed in 2000 from the merger of the world's two largest manufacturers of KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) equipment: Apex and Cybex Computer Products Corporation. As of August 2006, the company employed more than 1,800 people worldwide.

TK wrote this in a review: "I bought the Vertiv Avocent 16-Port Rackmount KVM Over IP Switch. The unit functions, more or less. But mouse sync does not work on the KVM, which makes it unusable for all but emergency purposes. The web interface is pretty cheap and clunky. Don't expect a lot of options beyond the basics."


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Former Employee - Field Engineer says

"Over worked, favoritism poor leadership and broken promises. Managers can not take criticism"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Absolutely no documented process for anything. Working on a project is a complete free-for-all. If something goes wrong, there is no accountability because there is no process for anything. Co-workers will throw one another under the bus in a heartbeat to save themselves. - Because there is no process for anything, everything is urgent or last minute. Therefore, everything is done to minimum standards. "Just get it out the door" attitude. - Leadership is a joke. They say they will set SMART goals but they don't. Nobody in the company has clear goals and means to achieve them. Nobody in a leadership position answers emails or has any idea what people below them are working on, and vice versa. Management 100% older, white men that simply talk down to anyone below them. - Pay is poor. You will not get paid for promotions. No bonus', incremental annual salary increases, not even a holiday party. Do not ever expect any sort of employee activity/party paid for. - No help from HR on anything personal you need to get done for yourself/family. - Constant layoffs and turnover. They will eliminate entire departments to save money and then hire consultants to do the work at double the cost. Absolute no value of dedicated employees. Just want to hire young people that they don't have to pay anything."

Former Employee - Management says

"Business in chaos. Uncertainty abounds. Not a supportive place for women. Little community involvement. Eliminated most perks (sports tickets, etc) Decaying benefits. Raises continually delayed."

Former Employee - Finance says

"The company pretty much sums up everything you think of when talking about private equity. The company was pretty much gutted "a few times" and leveraged to the point of barely having enough cash to avoid bankruptcy. The turnover at all levels was absurd you can’t throw a stone in Columbus without hitting someone that worked there. They have a tendency to “top level”. Firing lower level people doing the work and replacing them with VPS, and then they hire in consultants to figure out why the work isn’t getting done lol."

Former Employee - Management says

"The only goal is to make Tom Gores of Platinum Equity more money so he can surpass his $4B worth per Forbes. Any company acquired by PE the associates need to beware especially if you had been there a while!"

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"Poorly managed. Owned by a NY investment company who could care less abut employees. sad story. Sad for employees."

Former Employee - Customer Engineer says

"Lies, half truths and retribution from management."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Executive management and owners terrible"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Job not as described, last to know, benefits keep getting taken away, I wouldnt trust a word from our leaders"

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